(Udon) Winter Again (Love Live!) [English] [GH]

A story I found on Pixiv while looking for Christmas doujin to release. We weren’t able to release this for Christmas, but better late than never! Enjoy!

You can read this at the following sites down below!

Dynasty Reader


DL: Dropbox

Note: Original source is from Pixiv. You can find it below on the artist’s Pixiv under: ウインター・アゲイン

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(C94) (Nikomi Omurice (Mush) Hah? In Strawberry Whip (Hibike! Euphonium) [English] [GH-WSDHANS]

A joint with We Still Don’t Have A Name Scanlations!

I enjoyed translating this. Seeing Yuuko in a maid dress was well worth it. You don’t get to see her in a maid uniform often, so I had to see her in one of her best outfits yet!

You can read this at Dynasty Reader!

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