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We have an official icon for Gungnir Heart!

We based it off the color scheme of Symphogear’s title. While also incorporating a more simple, cute design to it.

We’ll continue to work on visual elements for the group like this in the future. Any criticism or suggestions is much appreciated!

(C88) [Tougall Kai (Kairakuen Umeka)] Boku no Uta o Subete Kimi ni yaru | I’ll Give You All my Songs (Senki Zesshou Symphogear) [English] [GH]

Our 8th completed work is now out!

DL: Dropbox


“Been listening to Symphogear songs non-stop since we started working on this. Kyoushitsu Monochrome gets me every time. Can’t wait for Season 4 this summer!” -NinetyTwo

“Season 4 come soon please.” – Poitriot

TL Notes:

(1) Two songs are used in this doujin, Synchrogazer and Kyoushitsu Monochrome. I will be using Commie’s translations of both songs (from the OP/S1E13 and S2E4 respectively).

Used the following source in order to translate Synchogazer that weren’t included in Commie’s translation (due to the song being broken up differently in the doujin versus the anime).

Atashi WP {Word of Songs} 

(2) The doujin title is possibly a reference to this group. Kinniku Shoujo-tai


KonoSuba! In the Life! BD/DVD Game

After much completed work, yuNS, CynaideBlizzard, and Gungnir Heart have completed the English translation of Konosuba! in the Life!  Link will be posted below. Now, enjoy the game and let off those explosions!

Post:  Konosuba! In the Life! BD/DVD Game [English]


NinetyTwo – “I’d love to get a Konosuba Season 3 after the spectacular performance and hilarity of Season 2. I honestly wouldn’t mind a sequel to this game because of how simple, but addicting it is.”

Poitriot – “Aqua is as useless as ever. Megumin explosions are EXPLOSION/10.”

Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ this July!

We’re definitely excited for this. Any new Senki Zesshou Symphogear news deserves a heartwarming welcome from us at Gungnir Heart!



A concealed threat, bears its fangs.

The manifestation of a powerful dragon ー

The Pavarian Illuminati Society

Once again, questions arise,

Do you have songs in your heart?

Broadcast begins in July!

Welcome to Gungnir Heart Scans/Subs!

Artist: umanoshippo


Hello, this is NinetyTwo! The translator for the group. I want to welcome any visitors to this site. We are a small group, but we are steadily growing so we can provide more works out there for people. I have long been an anime fan since 1998, but I wanted to further provide for the anime/manga community by giving something back to them. Since I had the opportunity to learn Japanese in college, I took it and now I am finally able to give back to the community I have known for so long.

This group primarily focuses on Non-H (SFW) doujin series at the moment. But we are certainly open to translation of games, anime, H-doujin, visual novels, and so on. Typically we only work on series that we have both seen or read, but we’re willing to work on other projects if it interests us enough. What truly matters to us is getting translations to as many people as possible with the best quality possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments below! We’ll make a proper FAQ or Q&A section sometime in the future. In the meantime, we’re working on new releases or re-editing our previous ones. In any case, I hope I can be of service to any visitors here!