Current Projects

Want to know what we’re currently working on? Drop by here for details on what’s going on! Otherwise, check our twitter page for quick updates on what is going on!

Current Projects:

(C90) [clover garden (Shiina Kuro)] Yasashii Ane to Aneomoi no Imouto-tachi to Amaenbou no Imouto-chan (Love Live!)

TL in-progress.

(Bokura no Love Live! 5) [Hachiten Eki (Otoutogimi)] Do!! (Love Live!)

TL in-progress.

(COMIC1☆9) [Onsoku (Yuuki Sonisuke)] Pyonpyon Parade (Kiniro Mosaic, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?)

Completed TL. Cleaning and typesetting in-progress.

Winter Again


TL completed. TS in-progress.

(C94) [Shobocon (Kitamura Tooru)] Kimi ni Moratta Hoshi no Uta | Your Star Song Gift To Me (BanG Dream!)

TL completed. In typesetting and cleaning stage.