(C94) [Shobocon (Kitamura Tooru) Your Star Song Gift to Me (BanG Dream!) [English] [GH]

I finished BanG Dream Season 1 recently, so I had to do at least one doujin by them to celebrate completing it and Season 2 coming out. It was a fun show, and Arisa and Kasumi definitely brings a smile to my face. This doujin hit me especially hard with the dialogue.

Short TL Note: The title of this doujin is a reference to this – https://bandori.fandom.com/wiki/Kimi_ni_Moratta_Mono

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(C94) (Nikomi Omurice (Mush) Hah? In Strawberry Whip (Hibike! Euphonium) [English] [GH-WSDHANS]

A joint with We Still Don’t Have A Name Scanlations!

I enjoyed translating this. Seeing Yuuko in a maid dress was well worth it. You don’t get to see her in a maid uniform often, so I had to see her in one of her best outfits yet!

You can read this at Dynasty Reader!

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