When will a project be released?

We’ll update you on our twitter for any changes on projects. If we delay a project, we’ll post it there! More detailed descriptions will be posted in the current projects section.

How can I join Gungnir Heart?

For the most part, we work on Non-H doujin so we often don’t need new full-time members. But I’ll give notice when we are recruiting new members! In all likeliness, we are more likely to collaborate with other groups than increase our own numbers. So stay tuned to any updates in regards to recruitment!

What kind of works (genres) can I expect from your group?

Slice of life, iyashi-kei (healing shows), moe, and military-themed shows (Girls und Panzer, Kancolle) are the type of series you’ll expect us to release. Of course we aren’t limited to those, but we tend to only release works that at least one of us have seen. For example, we wouldn’t do Series A if both of us haven’t seen it. But we’ll do Series B if Poitriot had seen it. In order to ensure the best possible quality, our hope is to focus on shows that we have personally completed prior to working on a project.

If you want more of an idea of where we stand, you can always just ask with a comment or a tweet if you’re curious as to our tastes. One of us will definitely respond as soon as possible!