(C91) [Nikomi Omurice (Mush)] Cement Addiction (Hibike! Euphonium) [English] [GH]

As one of my personal favorite pairings in Hibike! Euphonium, I’m really glad to be able to work on a doujin focusing on both of them. I’m a fan of Yamaoka Yuri as well so it was a perfect match.  –NinetyTwo

TL Note: NakaYoshikawa (なかよし川) is a combination of their names, Nakagawa and Yoshikawa, as well as wordplay on their names sharing the same kanji, “kawa (川)”.

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(C88) [Tougall Kai (Kairakuen Umeka)] Boku no Uta o Subete Kimi ni yaru | I’ll Give You All my Songs (Senki Zesshou Symphogear) [English] [GH]

Our 8th completed work is now out!

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“Been listening to Symphogear songs non-stop since we started working on this. Kyoushitsu Monochrome gets me every time. Can’t wait for Season 4 this summer!” -NinetyTwo

“Season 4 come soon please.” – Poitriot

TL Notes:

(1) Two songs are used in this doujin, Synchrogazer and Kyoushitsu Monochrome. I will be using Commie’s translations of both songs (from the OP/S1E13 and S2E4 respectively).

Used the following source in order to translate Synchogazer that weren’t included in Commie’s translation (due to the song being broken up differently in the doujin versus the anime).

Atashi WP {Word of Songs} 

(2) The doujin title is possibly a reference to this group. Kinniku Shoujo-tai