(C91) [Nikomi Omurice (Mush)] Cement Addiction (Hibike! Euphonium) [English] [GH]

As one of my personal favorite pairings in Hibike! Euphonium, I’m really glad to be able to work on a doujin focusing on both of them. I’m a fan of Yamaoka Yuri as well so it was a perfect match.  –NinetyTwo

TL Note: NakaYoshikawa (なかよし川) is a combination of their names, Nakagawa and Yoshikawa, as well as wordplay on their names sharing the same kanji, “kawa (川)”.

DL: Dropbox

2 Replies to “(C91) [Nikomi Omurice (Mush)] Cement Addiction (Hibike! Euphonium) [English] [GH]”

  1. I really love these two as well. Thanks so much for the upload. Hope to see more works of them uploaded. There’s another book by the same artist too.

    1. They really are a great pairing. I’m working on the other NakaYoshi works and one may be uploaded soon! So expect to see more of these lovable ladies squabbling about pretty much everything.

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