Second Year Anniversary of Gungnir Heart [GH]

Today is the 2nd year anniversary of our group, Gungnir Heart! I must thank everyone for the support and words of encouragement for these two years. To me and Poitriot, this has been a wonderful experience translating and typesetting all kinds of work. We would have never imagined doing this without the kind support and help we’ve received over these years.

I sincerely hope that we can continue translating doujin, manga, games, and maybe even anime one day for everyone to enjoy. It’s been quite a blast and we look forward to see what else we can do for the community!

Here’s to two years of releases! And to many more years to come!

Poitriot: All I wish to add is thanks again to everyone that has helped up over these two years, and I look forward to releasing more doujin and possibly other projects in the future. Poi!


First Year Anniversary of Gungnir Heart [GH]

Today marks the 1st anniversary of our group, Gungnir Heart! In a whole year, we’ve completed 13 doujinshi titles and 1 game! It is all thanks to the people who’ve helped supported us by giving us what we need to keep releasing content!  Without their help, it would have been impossible to release as much as we did in the past year.

Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate and thank you all for your support. And I intend, to fully pay back this support by doing my job the best I possibly can for not only you, but all the people that want English translations of Japanese manga, games, anime, etc.

See y’all next time when we release another work! We’ll try to release something before the year’s end!

Facebook Page for Gungnir Heart!

To expand our small, growing social network. We created a Facebook page to help our social presence grow! We wish to provide more avenues for the community to receive and enjoy content. So by creating a Facebook page we can expand into different communities.

While we have little to offer on Facebook, we can provide a social outlet for our works that otherwise may not be available or open on other sites. Whichever outlet you use, I hope this helps even the smallest number of people to get their message across!

Click here.