Second Year Anniversary of Gungnir Heart [GH]

Today is the 2nd year anniversary of our group, Gungnir Heart! I must thank everyone for the support and words of encouragement for these two years. To me and Poitriot, this has been a wonderful experience translating and typesetting all kinds of work. We would have never imagined doing this without the kind support and help we’ve received over these years.

I sincerely hope that we can continue translating doujin, manga, games, and maybe even anime one day for everyone to enjoy. It’s been quite a blast and we look forward to see what else we can do for the community!

Here’s to two years of releases! And to many more years to come!

Poitriot: All I wish to add is thanks again to everyone that has helped up over these two years, and I look forward to releasing more doujin and possibly other projects in the future. Poi!


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