3 Replies to “Merry Christmas everyone! Special Christmas Umayon Release!”

  1. Hello guys, I have a request, I have these raws:
    For the Tonari no kyuuketsuki-san anthology, but no one to translate them.
    If you’re too busy to typeset a whole anthology, I can typeset it myself, I did the Slow Start anthology.
    Could you send me the translation to my mail: nepnowa123@gmail.com
    I’ll give all the credit to you guys, I’m not part of any group.
    I’d upload one chapter per day to Dynasty and when everything is there I can send you back the whole anthology to be posted here.

    1. Sorry for the late reply! We were celebrating the holiday season!

      Sure thing! Once we get around to it, I’ll send you the translation. We currently have other projects at the moment, but I wouldn’t mind checking it out. It’s quite long, so if you need it within the month or so, I can’t guarantee its completion.The most I can guarantee is translating a part of it.

      Either way, I hope I can help once we clear our project backlog!

      Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season!


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