Girls und Panzer Das Finale v2, Taiyaki War, and Kawashima Momo’s Special Lecture now out!

Taiyaki War, Kawashima Momo’s Special Lecture, and an updated v2 release of Das Finale Ep.2 is now out! I hope you enjoy them all! I greatly enjoyed reading all of your comments and feedback on the series.

Thank you to /ak/ submarines for their wonderful typesetting, timing, and translation work. Couldn’t be done without them. I also thank anyone who helped pointing out any mistakes found in the v1. It is very much appreciated by both me and /ak/ submarines.

Without further ado, enjoy!

Download at the site(s) below!


[AK-Submarines] GIRLS und PANZER das FINALE Episode 2

After much hard work with our friends from /ak/ submarines/scanlations and our many friends across several GuP Discord servers, we’ve finished Girls und Panzer Das Finale Episode 2!

I cannot tell you how much I love this series (as if it wasn’t obvious enough). So the honor of working on the anime series is the greatest of honors. I sincerely thank everyone for helping us out; and for supporting fansubbers and fan scanlations in their endeavors to bring these works to the English-speaking community. In any case, I am sure the wait has long been anticipated and you wish to watch this episode already. So get going and Panzer vor!

Thanks to /ak/ submarines for doing much of the work. Thank you to Megarboh for helping translating key scenes by translating the Chinese subs into English. And many thanks to the various Discord server members who gave us regular information and news about Girls und Panzer in the past few weeks. We couldn’t have done it so quickly without you all here.

Download below!


[GH] Uma Musume Pretty Derby – Extra Race BNW’s Promise OVA release

We’re proud to present the release of the Uma Musume Pretty Derby OVA episodes!

1080p: Torrent | Magnet

It was a blast translating these three episodes. I was originally just helping out edit a translation of Episode 1. But I thought I might as well work on the next two episodes. It took a lot of groundwork, but I hope you all will enjoy this release.

Thanks to the wonderful Uma Musume community for their help in this project! Their support and work is greatly appreciated!


Big thank you to GoodJobMedia (GJM) for providing the OP/ED karaoke files!

Thank you to @zerotsuu_ for working on the typesetting for Episode 1.

Also big thank you to @scythe_anarchy for helping translation check Episode 1 from Spanish to English.

Thank you to akp47 for providing the initial typesetting for Episode 2 and 3.

Big thank you to OblivionShadow for all the great work done on these OVA episodes. Truly and deeply grateful for all the help provided on all three episodes.

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