[GH] Uma Musume Pretty Derby – Extra Race BNW’s Promise OVA release

We’re proud to present the release of the Uma Musume Pretty Derby OVA episodes!

1080p: Torrent | Magnet

It was a blast translating these three episodes. I was originally just helping out edit a translation of Episode 1. But I thought I might as well work on the next two episodes. It took a lot of groundwork, but I hope you all will enjoy this release.

Thanks to the wonderful Uma Musume community for their help in this project! Their support and work is greatly appreciated!


Big thank you to GoodJobMedia (GJM) for providing the OP/ED karaoke files!


Thank you to @zerotsuu_ for working on the typesetting for Episode 1.

Also big thank you to @scythe_anarchy for helping translation check Episode 1 from Spanish to English.

Thank you to akp47 for providing the initial typesetting for Episode 2 and 3.

Big thank you to OblivionShadow for all the great work done on these OVA episodes. Truly and deeply grateful for all the help provided on all three episodes.

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