[Yawaraka Shoten (Yawaraka Black)] Maho to Chovy wa mada Tsukiawanai | Maho And Chovy Are Still Not Dating (Girls und Panzer) [English] [GH-Nemo] [Digital]

Note: This doujin is NSFW, which is a first for our group, but the subsequent volumes are SFW, so I translated this regardless of the content. And I would have to say, this doujin series is incredibly hilarious. Shiho and Maho are so ridiculous in this series that I had to translate this. Not to mention that MahoChobi works very well in this series as you can have both the wonderfully cute Maho with the extremely cute Anzai in one volume! I hope you enjoy this series! Expect Vol.2 and 3 sometime soon.

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ぱんっあ9新刊サンプル 『まほとチョビはまだ付き合わない』




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