[Yawaraka Shoten (Yawaraka Black)] Maho to Chovy wa mada Tsukiawanai 3 | Maho and Chovy Are Still Not Dating 3 (Girls und Panzer) [English] [GH-Nemo] [Digital]

After much time and effort, we have completed Vol.3 of Maho and Chovy Are Still Not Dating! It was really an enjoyable read from start to finish. The humor and romance were on-point and made me visibly sweating with all the wholesome fun Maho and Anchovy had.

Thank you very much to Nemo for the wonderful typesetting. Seriously, could not be done without you.

Thank you to the friends I asked to check the English lines. It was good to get another pair of eyes on this series.

In addition, I thank the Girls und Panzer community for all their amazingly wholesome comments and support! All the comments on Dynasty Reader and MangaDex is just astounding. I sincerely hope that you all enjoyed the series and that you all will continue to support Girls und Panzer for many years to come.

If you ever want to help scanlate Girls und Panzer content, please, contact us at Gungnir Heart by posting a comment below or by messaging us on Twitter! Please help us and other groups out there to get more Girls und Panzer content out there! Translators, typesetters, and editors are greatly appreciated and welcome!

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