KonoSuba! In the Life! 1.04 Release

I felt like it was time to redo the translation for KonoSuba! In the Life! as it was Gungnir Heart’s first major project and my translation and editing skills has vastly improved from three years ago. It is great to go back through the script that I so tirelessly worked on during the hardest year of college I ever had. But it was extremely worth it, as I could see how much my perceptions and understanding of English has changed since then.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this updated release of KonoSuba! In the Life!


Much thanks to CyanideBlizzard and yuNS for their help in this project as always!

If any of you plan on watching the KonoSuba Movie tomorrow, I hope you enjoy it! I look forward to watching it!

If you are wondering what I changed, here’s a short changelog:

-Fixed some major and minor translation errors
-Fixed some unnatural or confusing English lines
-Updated terminology to better match translations from other fansubbed material (Monster Subjugation —> Kill Quest, Subjugate x Monster/Subjugation needed —> Slay x Monster/Extermination needed)
-Fixed the names of various locations and names
-Fixed numerous punctuation errors

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