(C91) [Shiratamaco (Shiratama)] Kiniro Syndrome Platonic Days (Kiniro Mosaic) (English) (GH)

I do enjoy Aya and Yoko’s relationship a lot, makes me glad that at least in this work, they are still together in college. I wonder if we’ll ever get more Kinmoza anime projects one day?

Note: v2 has been released across all sites. Previous release had multiple grammar and spelling errors, along with a generally awkward translation. Sorry for all the trouble.

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    1. Hello!

      Sorry for the late response! Been busy with school.

      As for your request, yes we do not work on any NSFW material. As for if I know any groups that do them, personally I do not know many since I work with fellow SFW groups. So I would suggest maybe looking around in the e-h forums for someone that could translate it. Otherwise, maybe look in other scanlation threads or forums on manga/doujinshi reading websites. They may have the person you need!

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