(C73) [Rengaworks (Renga)] Akuma o Awaremu Uta | Sympathy For The Devil (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha) [English] [GH]

Our comments: An honor as always to work on doujinshi of our favorite series. I’ve been a fan of Nanoha for quite a while, since I think A’s was airing.  But never had a chance to actually delve into the series due to the technological limits I had at the time and my lack of anime knowledge.

Once I actually got into the series. Oh man, was Nanoha a blast. I had plenty of experience with other magical girl series. But Nanoha was special, like it was real special to me. Devices like Raising Heart and Bardiche plus the TSAB, Nanoha’s family, and even the whole background as to why Nanoha, a simple sister girl character from the Triangle Heart series, became a magical girl. Was truly an awe inspiring moment for me. It has the perfect blend of beautiful music by Mizuki Nana, magical girl and fighting game/sci-fi tropes, and heart to it that it is to this day, my top of top favorite anime franchises.

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TL Notes:

“Sympathy For the Devil” – The title and discussion is indeed talking about “Sympathy For the Devil”, the song and 1968 film, by The Rolling Stones. In addition, reference is made to the Guns N’ Roses version as well.

Pg.24 – Reference to the first ED song of the original TV series.  As seen here. “Little Wish” by Tamura Yukari. Though note the line is a bit different from the original lyrics.

Pg.35-36 – That is indeed a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. Further explanation by author in the afterword.

Pg.47 – Reference to Episode 9 of StrikerS when Signum punches Teana. Seen here.

– Okukinu Onsen Hotel is a collection of four inns in Tochigi Prefecture. This particular one is the Kaniya Inn.

–  The Mercedes Navigation System never did have an official Raising Heart voice feature. But the author believed it would make sense considering the audio similarities.

Pg.48 – Yes, the 1994 film, “Interview with the Vampire” was the reference the author was making.

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  1. Hi Thanks for the releases. Always a joy to see translations of the one true form of love. 😉

    Just wanted to point out the dropbox download for this post seems to be toast.

    1. Hello! I’m glad to be of service! I’m a huge fan of the Nanoha series and their bonds in the series are some of the most heartwarming bonds I’ve seen!

      Thanks! It was an older test download link, so thanks for pointing that out! It’s now been updated!

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