(Panzer☆Vor! 12) [Umenomi Gahou (Umekiti)] Panzer Titten! (Girls und Panzer) [English] [GH-WSDHANS]

We are proud to present a Girls und Panzer by Umekiti! I love doing these Anchovy and Pepperoni doujin. They are quite entertaining! And they seem to get more racy as time passes!

Thanks to WSDHANS (We Still Don’t Have A Name Scans) for helping us with this! Much appreciated and hope we can work again in the future!

One more thing, hope everyone is enjoying the release of Girls und Panzer Das Finale! I was glad to see it in theaters and luckily bought this very doujin in Melonbooks since I just saw the movie. The movie was absolutely stunning from start to finish. I think the budget is even better than the movie was, and the movie was unbelievably extraordinary. I hope Das Finale continues for many years so we can enjoy Girls und Panzer for many years to come!

Without further ado, enjoy!

DL: Dropbox

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